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Who We Are

Senior accident investigator with full range of qualifications and experience.
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Jonathan Webb

Our company director, has been an accident investigator since 1994, and since 2003 was the senior accident investigator for the Metropolitan Police in South-East London. In 2012, after completing over 30 years service, he left to set up his own consultancy offering a full range of accident investigation related services.

If you would like to use his expertise please contact us.
If you’d like a copy of Jon’s CV we’ll be pleased to email it to you by return.

Summary of courses and skills

  • Licensed to drive motorcycles, cars, large goods vehicle and passenger vehicles, and experienced with all of these
  • Further trained as an advanced police driver and motorcyclist, including pursuit and escorting techniques
  • Trained in off-road driving skills
  • Trained to advanced City and Guilds level in vehicle examination, using these skills since 1989
  • Trained to level 3 City and Guilds level in tachograph examination and calibration, using these skills since 1993
  • Trained to City and Guilds level in digital tachograph examination and calibration, using these skills since these devices first came into the UK
  • Trained to City and Guilds level in accident investigation, using these skills since 1994
  • Holder of the National Certificates of Professional Competency in both Road Haulage and Passenger Transport
  • Incident and journey analysis:
    • UDScience, advanced
    • [RSG] journeyViewer, advanced
    • [RSG] IncidentAnalyser, advanced
    • [APD] CDA, Expert Foundations
    • [APD] INCA
    • Mobile Data Terminal
  • Various other additional courses including:
    • Tyre examination
    • Supplementary restraint systems
    • Anti-lock brake diagnostics [all vehicles]
    • Speed enforcement using Home Office approved devices
    • In car video
    • Video decoding and analysis
    • Exhibit handling and packaging
    • Photography for collision investigators
    • Theodolite scene measuring
    • 3D scanner scene measuring
    • CAD drawing
    • Light bulb analysis
    • Bosch CDR Download and Analysis
    • PC-Crash

Other Experts

CompassAI are associated with a number of other independent accident investigation consultants, only consultants with appropriate skills, expertise, experience and knowledge will be used for any instruction required. If this is not Jonathan then the client will be informed at the outset.

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