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Recent Cases

A selection of case summaries with which CompassAI have been engaged

CompassAI have been engaged in various cases through the past years. Here are some summaries of completed cases:

  • Motorist accused of Careless Driving in relation to a collision in Essex. Engaged by solicitors working for the motorist. The case was dropped by the CPS after receipt of report by Jonathan Webb.
  • Civil case against a police service in relation to a police vehicle accident with a motorcyclist, engaged by the police service solicitors. The case not upheld, during his judgement the judge compliment the scale plans by CompassAI and how they assisted in reconstructing the evidence.
  • CompassAI assisted a super car hire company after one of their vehicles was seriously damaged. A vehicle examination and summary accident reconstruction allowed the company to better understand how the accident occurred.
  • A national charity approached CompassAI after one of their mini-buses rolled over in the South-West. We were able to examine the vehicle, scene and interview the driver. The final report supplied to the company assisted their understanding. Their senior staff member stated “Thanks for all of your assistance with this case. It was good to meet you yesterday and experience your professional approach to the investigation.”
  • CompassAI were engaged to analyse the IDR and CCTV in relation to an allegation of Dangerous Driving against a police officer in a northern constabulary. The officer was found not guilty.
  • A London police officer was accused of Dangerous Driving. After our expert, Jonathan Webb, met with the police expert and prior to trial and completed a ‘joint expert report’. Based on the report the CPS offered no evidence. Both experts were commended by the judge for their work.
  • A London police officer was accused of Dangerous Driving in relation to a personal injury traffic collision. The CPS engaged a total of five experts in relation to CCTV, IDR, driving and accident reconstruction, compared to the defence engaging just one, Jonathan Webb. The officer was found not guilty.
  • CompassAI were engaged to investigate a fatal road traffic accident overseas involving a United Nations vehicle. The result of the investigation has provided those instructing us with an understanding of how and why the accident occurred, and enabled them to improve many of their working practices to prevent similar occurrences in the future.
  • CompassAI were instructed to analyse IDR data in relation to murder investigation. The now retired police officer accused of that crime was found not guilty.
  • A driver in Cornwall was accused of Dangerous Driving and Causing Serious Injury by Dangerous Driving. A comprehensive reconstruction and analysis report by Jonathan confirmed the accuracy of the police report. After submission of the CompassAI report the Injury aspect of the charge was dropped.