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GPS Analysis

GPS data can be used for speed analysis and of course route tracing
gps data

GPS data is regularly retained in fleet management and vehicle tracking systems.

Such data often relies on Internet based maps for vehicle positioning.

However, this data is rarely accurate enough to place a vehicle, for example, on a specified side of the road.

CompassAI are able to transfer this data to suitable maps for greater accuracy, and present that data in a court ready, suitable, format. From this analysis we can assist your investigation further, putting the data into context regarding such other information as witness statements, driver accounts and accident evidence, dovetailing with our other services such as full accident reconstructionvehicle examination and IDR analysis.

The data can be used for speed analysis and of course route tracing.

Dependent on the circumstances, and depending on the quality of the data, the assistance to your case will vary.

If you are in doubt please feel free to contact us for a no obligation chat.

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